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CF Chubby Uncle Sam
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#CF CHB Un Sm CF Chubby Uncle Sam

Oh man How I LOVE this one!   I know I say that about many, but this guy just makes me so happy!  He has a very big belly and a hand sculpted clay face I make.  His coat is a faded aged blue I dye, pants are aged also (more than shows on pic)

Appx 22" to top of hat.

CF Santa Christmas Feast
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#CF ST CH FST CF Santa Christmas Feast

He is wonderful.  Just bringing home his geese for the Claus family feast.  Geese have rice in the neck so they flop a bit like a deceased goose would.   Santa is appx 19", hand sculpted clay face (no molds).  Shown wearing faded blue robe.

CF Santa w/bag faded
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#CF ST wbag fade CF Santa w/bag faded

This is a new option of fabric, a faded antique blue.  I just LOVE this!!   appx 19" tall Hand sculpted face.  He is carrying his sack of Christmas and a wreath.  Cheesecloth scarf.  Very old and wonderful looking!

CF Santa w/ hat boxes faded
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#CF ST whtbx fade blue CF Santa w/ hat boxes faded

This is done in the new faded blue fabric option.   He is wonderful.  The one pictured I actually made for myself because I was just so happy with how the dying process turned out on the fabric.  Appx 19" and hand sculpted face.


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