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CF Chubby Uncle Sam
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#CF CHB Un Sm CF Chubby Uncle Sam

Oh man How I LOVE this one!   I know I say that about many, but this guy just makes me so happy!  He has a very big belly and a hand sculpted clay face I make.  His coat is a faded aged blue I dye, pants are aged also (more than shows on pic)

Appx 22" to top of hat.



CF Santa Christmas Feast
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#CF ST CH FST CF Santa Christmas Feast

He is wonderful.  Just bringing home his geese for the Claus family feast.  Geese have rice in the neck so they flop a bit like a deceased goose would.   Santa is appx 19", hand sculpted clay face (no molds).  Shown wearing faded blue robe.

CF Santa w/bag faded
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#CF ST wbag fade CF Santa w/bag faded

This is a new option of fabric, a faded antique blue.  I just LOVE this!!   appx 19" tall Hand sculpted face.  He is carrying his sack of Christmas and a wreath.  Cheesecloth scarf.  Very old and wonderful looking!

CF Santa w/ hat boxes faded
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#CF ST whtbx fade blue CF Santa w/ hat boxes faded

This is done in the new faded blue fabric option.   He is wonderful.  The one pictured I actually made for myself because I was just so happy with how the dying process turned out on the fabric.  Appx 19" and hand sculpted face.

Clay Face Rabbit
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#CF Rab Clay Face Rabbit

A very primitive folk art design.   The face is hand sculpted by me.  Clothes will vary.  Can choose between boy or girl.  Appx 19" tall  Rabbit is made of furry material.

Spring Angel
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#SPG ANG Spring Angel

Wonderful Spring edition to continue the series of Angels (see Winter Angel and Pumpkin Angel)  

Wired ears, aged for a great prim look.  Hat will be either a solid color or a striped knit.  Appx 21" to top of head appx 25" to top of bent ear. Cream "clothes" only with brown or grey body, brown "clothes" only with cream body.

*Cream rabbit with Pink "clothes" shown*

Peter Rabbit
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#Pt Rab Peter Rabbit

Great grubby cream rabbit holding his carrot.    Wired ears and arms, allow for positioning.  Mounted on old board.   Appx 24" to top of ears and 20" to top of head.  Fabrics will vary.

CF Santa w/  Bell  LG SIZE
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#CF ST w bell LG CF Santa w/ Bell LG SIZE

Pic coming soon.  Clay faced santa with hand sculpted face.  Appx 25" tall.  Holding a large rusty bell.

CF Santa w/lighted lantern LG SIZE
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CF Santa w/lighted lantern LG SIZE

I think this is my one of my favorites!  Appx 25" tall.  Sculpted clay face I make.  Holding his coverlet bag and battery operated lantern.  If you want him in coverlet fabric robe, then his bag will be a solid color.

NOTE- Lantern will be different than pictured on Santa.   It will be like this one 


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